Lawn Care


The most well kept home on the block will look like a mess if the lawn is not cared for properly. Keeping your lawn manicured will improve the appearance of your home and keep your neighbors happy.

However, it can seem like a daunting, never ending task.

Here are a few ideas to make lawn care a little simpler.


lawn fertilizationMake a schedule and follow it as much as possible. Decide when you’ll mow your lawn, when you’ll water and when you’ll weed. This will change with the seasons. During hot summer months you won’t need to mow as often but you’ll need to water more. You’ll also need to do yard work early in the morning or in the evening when it’s not as hot.

Plant grass, flowers, and hedges that thrive in your geographic region and climate. Otherwise, you’ll always be fighting Mother Nature and making your job harder – if not impossible.


Buy the best equipment you can afford. If you have to fight with your lawn mower to get it to start you’ll dread doing yard work. If you can’t buy new, visit garage sales and try to find some good used equipment. Having the right tools for the job will make the tasks much easier. A lawn mower, weed-eater and an edger are a good start.

If you have a large law i recommend that you invest in a Husqvarna Automower or other type of robotic lawnmover.  They cut the grass according to your schedule and


Don’t mow your grass too short. This often seems like a good idea because you think you won’t have to mow again as quickly. But when grass is cut too short is can dry the grass out and cause distress. Only mow the top third of your grass.


Water your grass once a week and be sure and let the water soak in. Watering your lawn deeply once a week is better than shallow watering every day.

To water properly you need to know if your soil is sandy or filled with clay. Sandy soil will dry quickly but clay will hold water. Purchase a test kit to test your soil.

To see if your grass needs to be watered simply step on it and see if it bounces back. If it doesn’t, it needs some water.

Installing a sprinkler system with a timer will allow you to keep your lawn watered properly without any effort on your part.

Other Tips

Instead of bagging yard clippings let them stay on the grass. This can provide almost 25% of the nitrogen your lawn needs.

If you have a problem with weeds but don’t want to use harsh pesticides due to children and pets in your yard; try spraying vinegar. This common household item will often help you control weeds.

Fertilize your soil twice a year. The results of your soil test will help you know the type of fertilizer your soil needs. Resist the urge to over fertilize as this can actually damage your grass.

If part of your lawn refuses to thrive it might be time to give up. Consider planting flowers or putting in a rock garden or fountain. Some shaded areas will not grow a good lawn no matter how hard you try.

Hire help as needed. This can be true if you become overgrown with weeds or crabgrass. If nothing you try is working consider calling a professional.

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